brighter SMART 1000

brighter SMART 1000

Flagship, multi-purpose device of the brand. Professional, extra fast moving head with outstanding brightness of a beam.

Smart 1000 comes equipped with powerful 280W 10R lamp, cutting edge optical system and 2,5-20 degrees zoom range what allows you to adjust width of light stream to the needs of a show. Device provides two wheels with interesting in-air effects (14 static gobo and 9 rotating gobo) and prism (6-time linear and 8-time rotating) which allows to spotlight really wide area.

Different functionalities

Wide range of beam angle control: 2,5°-20° (Beam/Spot)

100% brightness

Beam mode: 75250 lx/20m
Spot mode: 82400 lx/5m

24 months warranty

Warranty and after-sale support provided by distributor

Power: 280 W 10R
Power consumption: 470 W
Lamp’s lifetime: 2200 hours
Zoom: 2,5-20 degrees
Colour wheel: 13 colours + white
Gobo wheels: 14 static + white, 9 rotating wheels + white
Prism: 6-Facet, linear with varying speed, 8-Facet rotating with varying speed
Control: DMX512, Sound Active, Master/Slave
DMX: 16, 20 channels
Dimmer: linear 0-100%
Moving range: 540/270 pan/tilt
Weight: 19 kg

Power supply cable – Powercon
Signal cable – DMX
Omega strap
User’s manual

DMX library
After-sales support
Warranty: 24 months