brighter Extreme 440 Pro

brighter Extreme 440 Pro

Brighter Extreme 440 is an advanced hybrid light, it is an very powerful beam light, the light beam is sharp and the minimum beam angle is just 2.5° . The narrow and dense light beam remains parallel even at very long distance.
It is also a professional high power spotlight with a zoom from 4° to 50°, rotating gobos and fixed gobos, CMY color mixing, three color wheels, 2 prisms, and smooth, fast and quiet movement.

By using the separate frost filter, you can get nice wash effect too.
Extreme 440 is a versatile fixture and can be used in any situation.
The lights can be controlled not only by DMX, but also by Art-Net protocol.

High power

2°/15m - 92000 lux
40°/15m – 1000 lux

Full control

Ability of control via Art-Net protocol

24 months warranty

Warranty and after-sale support provided by distributor

Light source: Osram 440 W
Lamp’s lifetime: 1500 hours
Color temperature: 7800K
Power consumption: 700W
Dispersion: 2.5°- 4° (Beam mode), 4°~50° (Spotlight mode)
Dimmer: (0-100%)
Pan/Tilt: 540°/240°
Colour wheel: 3 color wheels with 14 color filters
Gobo wheels: 6 dichroic rotating gobos, 18+1 fixed metal gobos
Prism: 2 rotating prisms(8-facet and 4-facet linear prism)
Control: DMX512, Art-Net
DMX: 34 channels
Weight: 30 kg

Power supply cable – Powercon
Signal cable – DMX
Omega strap
User’s manual

DMX library After-sales support
Warranty: 24 months